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How can I tell if my customers have confirmed their appointments?

Checking Confirmations from the Cloud Website
In order to check if your customer has confirmed their appointment via text message confirmation, go to the cloud website and sign in. By default you should then be looking at your appointment book.

To first see if the reminder has been sent to the customer yet, navigate to the customer's appointment and look for a bell icon like the one below.

You can also double click on the appointment and  view the bell icon, towards the top right of the ticket, signifying that the reminder has been sent.

Once the customer has confirmed their appointment, the software will then change the icon to a bell with a check mark.

If you now go into the ticket, you will see that the icon within the ticket has also changed and the Confirmed By field will now have Text Message selected.

Checking Confirmations from the Mobile App
Through the mobile app, you will not be able to see if the appointment reminder has been sent, but you can still see if the appointment has been confirmed. Within the mobile app the appointments that have been confirmed via text message will have a speech bubble icon with a check mark.

You can also select the appointment and scroll down to the Confirmed By field to see that it states Text Message.


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